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Creating bespoke client sales reports

Hi all,

Qlikview newbie here in need of some help please. Our company has recently migrated to a new order processing system and all of our sales reporting is now held and accessed in Qlikview. Part of my job is to supply weekly sales data in Excel format to our clients (often in bespoke layouts). I am having difficulty getting to grips with creating my reports now that they are held in Qlikview - as alot of the data I need is split across various tabs on the qlikview home screen. What I need to be able to do is create a bespoke report(s) for each client using data from across each tab which I can then save and export to my desktop, knowing that it is already in the correct layout for the client. Is there a way for me to be able to select, then 'drag and drop' specific columns onto a new worksheet?

At the moment because all of the data is split across several tabs I have to export each tab as a new worksheet, then copy and paste data - which when dealing with up to 15 clients on a weekly basis is very time consuming and manual!

I've only recently started to use qlikview so apologies if I'm not using the correct terminology, we've also not had a great deal of training with regards to the basics, so I don't feel as if I have had access to the full potential of qlikview. Some feedback would therefore be appreicated!

Hope the above makes sense.

Many thanks


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Re: Creating bespoke client sales reports

See the file attached probably aid you to export several tables to excel

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