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Creating calendar

Hi all,

Hopefully what I am asking is clear for everyone:

I want to make a resource planning in Qlikview. I have resources (Tester, IT etc.) which I have divided over projects, for example I have a tester which has a project between 13/11/2011 and 12//12/2011. I want to make a bar chart in which you can see how many of one resource you are using if you select a period using a slider. So if I select 1/10/2011 till 31/12/2011 I want to see 5 bars, for every resource 1 and it must show how many of that resource you are using.

I found a calendar script on the internet, which helped me a lot. The only problem I now have is that it only shows me totals. So I can select dates using the slider but it will only show me the total number I have loaded, also if I select a date range it will show a total on every date. I just need the total for the range.

Can anyone help me?

I have attached the document, hopefully it is clear.



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Creating calendar

Any one an idea?

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Re: Creating calendar

search for Intervalmatch. I  think  John  has  explained this in a good way somewere,

Not the one I thought of but one, http://community.qlik.com/message/104568#104568

Found my test app. Attaching it as well.

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Creating calendar

Thanks for your help, somehow I can't get your document intergrated with mine...

Not sure what to copy where in my script

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