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Creating totals from list box selection


I'm new to qlikview and designing, having assumed the responsibility after a colleague left the company. I have a question regarding creating totals for a multibox selection.

I created a pivot table chart with dimensions of Employee Name, Month and Date and I'm able to get totals by employee for the selected date range but how to I get totals for an multibox selection?  So If I choose Manager, it will show all the employee data for those assigned to that manager plus a total, or some sort of footer section with totals for that selection of manager.

Thank you for the help in advance.


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Re: Creating totals from list box selection


I think you are confusing Selections with the Chart Dimensions. If the chart has dimensions Employee Name, Month and Date, then you can request subtotals ("Partial Sums" in the Presentation Tab), for those three levels.

So, maybe the missing piece is that you need to request a "Partial Sum" for the Employee dimension, and that will generate the overall total for the table.

When a Manager is selected, than the overall total for the table means also a total for the Manager.

hope it helps,

Oleg Troyansky

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Re: Creating totals from list box selection

Thanks for the response, however the 'Show Partial Sums' checkbox is inactive for all dimensions and expressions in the Presentation Tab?  Is this a setting that can be changed somewhere?

Re: Creating totals from list box selection

Is the Indent Mode enabled on the Style tab? That will disable the partial sums option. And make sure your expression is sum(SomeField), not just SomeField. Otherwise you won't get a total.

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