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Custom subheaders in Pivot Table


I have the requirement to create a pivot table where the first dimension (project number) should have a custom header. It should contain the project number itself, the project description and the project status - here's a screenshot:

Furthermore, it should have a sum over all selected periods on the top (in this case since beginning of the project and YTD, as selected).

My current layout of the pivot table is this:

So, it is somehow possible to adapt the layout to match that of the first screenshot?

Or isn't that possible and do I have to write a an Excel export macro at all?

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Re: Custom subheaders in Pivot Table

70% - Understand your issue

Can you please elaborate more with expected O/P and meantime, Please share the sample application which demonstrates the Issue?

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Re: Custom subheaders in Pivot Table

Sure, I've attached the qvw to my posting (reduced to the report in question and scrambled data).

Concerning the output my problem is that I have no idea how to make such sub headers with only the project number/description/status - the data below are the actual figures of that project grouped by chosen periods (e.g. "seit Projektbeginn" --> meaning all time, "aktuelles Jahr" --> meaning Year to Date).

Furthermore, I need to show sums of the chosen periods at the top (currently there is one sum over the selected period, if one is selected, or all data if no special period is selected).

The functionality already works, but I don't know how to transform it to the required layout.

Re: Custom subheaders in Pivot Table

For that Pivot, Can you please draw one picture for me on Paper and then share with me which you are expecting the Sub headers, Please?

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Re: Custom subheaders in Pivot Table

Yes - here's a draft of the pivot table including the expectations:IMG_20160729_163347.jpg

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