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Data point colour on boxplot

I am using a box plot
with an additional expression for showing the data points coloured for the
second dimension. However often the data point colour is obscured by the colour
of the data boxes on which they sit. Furthermore since the second dimension is
a cyclic group I find when I change this to the next the box colour also
changes whereas I would rather keep it the same. Eg. these could be white for
clarity of the coloured data points. Is this possible to do please ?

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Re: Data point colour on boxplot

Have you try for here?Captura.PNG.png

another way will be in your dimension you will find a +

go for      backgraound color and then file, color mix wizard..

and follow instrucctions there

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Re: Data point colour on boxplot

Thanks Angela, I didn't know about the Colormix wizard. That looks powerful.

I've tried the checkboxes for Persistent colours and for Repeat last colour but they make no difference to any of the colours used for either the boxes or the data points for any cyclic group selection or to modify the behaviour when I select data points.

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