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Database not populated on Sat - how to display data?


I face the following problem:

- In our company, nearly every Saturday some areas are operating

- I have a diagram for nearly every area displaying the presence quota

- The problem is:

--- The presence_data (or what I use as such in the display) is available every day, Mo through Sun

<=> The data about employees who are out sick is in a table that is populated only Mo through Fri

=> As it is, on Saturdays the chart will invariably show a presence_quota of 100%, messing up the status_gauge.

=> I cannot just omit Saturdays since some areas are always operative.

=> Can anybody help me finding a workaround to this? One idea I have would be to just display the nr. of sick_flags I find for Friday - assuming that the people who are out sick on Friday are still so on Saturday seems reasonable.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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