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Date Range in a list box


I have a list box having date range as a field in it.

I want to show only the year for it.

Eg: For year Dec12-Nov13 it should come as 2013

                    Dec13-Nov14 it should come as 2014

and so on.

also in my list box one value is selected by defalut.

I want no values to be selected after doing clear all.

attached is the screenshot here.

how can i achieve the above 2 things.

Please help.

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Re: Date Range in a list box


Can you share sample application

for one value selected you to have unchecked the below option.


Re: Date Range in a list box


You should use string function to do that.

To get 2013,2014 and so on, try below code.

Load *, '20'&Right(Field,2) as Year

From xyz;

Just replace the existing field with this new field.

Always one selected is a property of the List box which you can change from property window. Once you uncheck that option it will not select any value by default.


Kaushik Solanki

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