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Details on plot chart


I have a plot_Chart in one of my apps and I wonder, how, if at all, can I Display the axis_Label of the first formula (the one across)? That would make it easier to see what is being displayed, I think. Or maybe there would be a better way to Display this altogether, I'm not so sure because in the past I was always thinking of the target_Group of my Dashboards and thus limited myself in most cases to bar- and line-Charts.

What I Need to Display is actually only two things, not three:

- The Overall amount of invoices one BUKR (my Dimension) has

- The quota of EDI-invoices (rel. to the total amount of invoices in this BUKR)

In my plot_Chart I have made the X-axis (the first formula as it is in this Kind of Chart, the one across) mirror the amount of EDI_invoices (which is a part of the total amount of invoices). The second formula (vertical) is the quota of EDI (rel. to the total of that specific BUKR) and the size of a dot is the total amount of invoices.

=> Because those three are of course closely interwoven, I'm not sure what added value I get from the three elements I can Display in a plot_Chart. That would be fine - it does Display what I want, after all - if I could at least Display the Label of the "across_axis".

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: Details on plot chart


maybe I have explained this a bit complicated as is my nature, Kind of. I'll try once again:

- My Dimension is BUKR (the "sales_area", so to speak)

- I Need to Display two figures (for every single BUKR):

    - The total number of invoices

    - The quota of These invoices already being processed via EDI

=> The plot_Chart does what I Need, it Displays those two things - in fact I don't Need the third element that the plot_Chart Displays (I have made that the number of invoices being processed via EDI). Two elements would suffice.

Does anyone have an idea what might be an alternative in this instance?

Another question is: Sticking with the plot_Chart that I have, how could I Display a Label for the "X-axis"? As it is now, all I see when I look at it with the eyes of one not knowing the Details, all I see is one dot for every BUKR and a quota (which is displayed on the Y-axis). The dots differ in "volume", so it is Kind of obvious that the bigger dots represent BUKR with a higher total number of invoices - but I cannot see what the "X-axis" is for ...

Thanks a lot for any help here!

Best regards,


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