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Diagram rename legend entries

Hello everyone,

today a new Problem came up to me.

I'm using 2 tables:





Further I have a Pie Diagram with dimension pID and formula COUNT(pID) from table Typs. By doing this I calculate the ratios of the locations correctly.

My problem is that in the legend of the diagram the names of Typs.pID will be used and I need to display the corresponding names of Locations.Location. I tried searching for similar issues and ended with no success...

So how do I replace A.1 with someName etc. in the legend of an diagram?

Thanks for your hints in advance.

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Re: Diagram rename legend entries

Anyone with an idea?

I searched the web another time and couldn't find anything useful.

Is my problem not clear enough?

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Re: Diagram rename legend entries

The problem does seem unclear.

If your dimension is pID, then your legend will display pID (not Typ as you've stated in your post). It is also a little unclear as to what you're trying to achieve. Perhaps post a sample QVW, and/or sample image of the desired result?

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Re: Diagram rename legend entries

try to use this in  window title of the object which are you using.

instead of  vdataLanguage use your field name correspond to your chart

= '# ' & Only({<No={58}>} [$(=vDataLanguage)])

hope this wil help you...

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Re: Diagram rename legend entries

Here you are:

Instead of having the IDs as legend entries I'd like to have the linked location names.

I've attached an example with an drawing of the desired result.

Many Greetings and thanks for your help!

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Re: Diagram rename legend entries

Sry this didn't work for me. I posted an example befor your entry.

Re: Diagram rename legend entries


You can use location as dimension . its give the result as you expect.

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Re: Diagram rename legend entries

No I'm sry counting won't work properly correct. By random it's working in my example but not with my real data.

I need to count pID.


Re: Diagram rename legend entries


It lloks like you have qualified these two tables, which means pID field in Typs (Typs.pID) and Locations (Locations.pID) are not associated.

If that is the case, change your load script:




LOAD ....


LOAD ....


Now use Locations.Location as the dimension in your chart.

Hope that helps


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Re: Diagram rename legend entries

Unfortunately counting won't work correct again.

I need to count the relationships between locations and typs. Your proposal will count (and display) the locations only once for their appearance in Locations. So for each Location it will be 1/n (if n is the total number of rows in Locations).

What I need is to count the appearances of a single Location (this is why I count pID) in Typs and use the name of  given in Locations (mapped by pID).

Each counting in table Locations will lead to faulty values.

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