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Difficulties with an Excel file that is somehow weird


I am facing a challenge with an Excel file that is somehow weird:

- There is a column "YTD Budget" and a column "YTD actual". Quite obviously, in the former are the figures as they should be, in the latter there are the actual figures - nearly always ;-)

- And there comes the problem: In one part of the Excel file, the column "YTD Budget" is altogether empty and there is a row "Budget volume" where that value is in the column "YTD Actual".

Currently, I read the entire file into QlikView as-is, that means I have just that - the Budget figures in the colum "YTD Actual" in one row and the actual figures in the next, also in the column "YTD Actual".

What I'd like to do now is make those two rows into one so it makes more sense, with the budget_figures in their own column and the actual_figures in their own column, just like it is in the rest of the Excel file.

The problem is, when I just edit the formula in that group and write like >>  sum({$<Line_ID={"2"}>} YTD_Actual)  << -> the figures are displayed, but only in the upper row (where Line_ID = 2), the column "YTD_Budget" in the second row displays 0 in that case.

Can anybody help me get that straight?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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