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I think I just solved a problem I had been fighting with for quite a while and I thought I'd share this:

- When in a diagram you have the dimension "day", you might want the diagram to always display five or six days per week, regardless of whether there is any data or not, so that the bars will always have the same width. Makes for a more uniform appearance.

=> This is very hard, if not impossible, to do via the "dimension" tab of the dialog

<=> there is a possibility: By just passin QlikView some formula that can be displayed for every day no matter what, you'll have all dimension_points displayed acc. to your dimension_settings.

=> Weekday(Date) is a good idea because it is not dependent on actual working data.

=> I settled for

ONLY({1<Jahr = P(Jahr), Monat = P(Monat), Woche = P(Woche)>} Weekday(%Datum))

That way the formula is independent of any user_selections except year/ month// week -> there are always six dimension points, the dimension_scope does not "shrink" as soon as the user makes some selection.

Maybe that can help someone facing that problem.

B est regards,


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