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Display Charts Based On The Data Entered By The User


I would like the customer to enter the budget from his mind that may or may not belong to the data present in the 'Price' column in my table.  And I would like the existing charts in my dashboard to reflect the selection.

For ex:








But the customer would like to fix his budget to be 5000.  How do I display it?  Suggestions please.

1. How do I get the customer to type in a price instead of the customer selecting from a listbox / multibox?

For example, customer to enter 5000

2.But I don't want the search data entered by the user to be included in my existing data set.


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Re: Display Charts Based On The Data Entered By The User


Suggest you create a variable, call it something like vBudget. Use can use this in chart calculations by entering it as $(vBudget) in expressions. If this looks unfamiliar then try to learn about variables and "Dollar Sign Expansion". There arelots of learning material on this.


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