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Display Image from URL which is routed to an another URL


I have URLs of images in my data model.

I used a text box to display it (using Representation as Image).

it's working perfectly when the image is present for the given URL.

but it's not working with the URL is re-routed to an another URL.

Let me explain it differently.

when I type in the URL in Internet Explorer (or Chrome, doesn't matter), the URL is changing to an another URL before the image can be displayed.


URL that I have: http://www.teamhaven.com/cdsweb/Pictures/ShowPicture.aspx?Picture=8470263

"real" URL of the image: https://teamhaven.blob.core.windows.net/account-184/pictures/9d60f14d-63fd-4807-9359-5dc2b7e3bd04

when I type in the 1st URL in IE, I'm re routed to the second URL.

so QlikView is not seeing it.

Any idea how can I still display the image?

Best regards,


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Re: Display Image from URL which is routed to an another URL

Maybe you could use for the representation instead image a link or combine both methods. Also the use of extensions could be helpful:


Improved WebPageViewer QlikView Extension (WebPageViewer2)

Maybe you will find here another hints for handlings with redirections:

Scrap the long QlikView URL – use a friendly URL instead

- Marcus

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