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Display challenge


I have the following display requirement:
- I have a diagram which is supposed to show YOY changes (2015 vs. 2014) in four different categories
=> So I have two dimensions, right?
- >Category< and
- >Year<
So far, that is fine.

I already have another chart which shows the total of these four categories for the two years
=> There is only one category >Year< here
=> In addition to the two columns, I show a line representing the positive change - a line going down horizontally from 2014 to 2015.

=> Now I would like to show the same line (from 2014 to 2015) in the other chart, but of course for every category indiidually
     => there should be four individual lines.

By fixing the >category< dimension in a set_analysis, I can have four individual lines, but those are not horizontal, but rather vertical.

So there should be one line for every value in the >category< dimension and it should respect the <Year< dimension - I guess I need the
TOTAL qualifier for that to disregard one of the two dimensions, but how to do it?

Thanks a lot!
Best regards,


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Re: Display challenge

you can try with adding the reference line in the Presentation tab instead of the expression

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Re: Display challenge

But on the Presentation tab I can only add straight (horizontal) lines, no?

I want one line per category, but they should all be downward sloping (diagonal) from the 2014_value to the 2015_value.

Is that possible somehow?

P.S.: Sorry, that was a typo in my earlier post - the lines should not be horizontal, but they should, within each category, link the 2014_value to the 2015_value diagonally.

Re: Display challenge

can you please share me the snapshot of your current chart and result chart? sorry I am not able to visualize the lines on two dimensions 

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Re: Display challenge

Hi Avinash,.

not quite since I don't have my desired result chart anywhere.

I will attach a screenshot of the chart I currently have - there are two dimensions as you can see. I have used a painting tool to roughly sketch the lines I want - not one continuous line, but four, each one diagonal.

I hope that helps you.

Thanks a lot!

Re: Display challenge

As per my knowledge its not possible...will try and get back to you  

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Re: Display challenge

Hi Avinash,

too bad. Well, as this is a one-off thing, we could still revert to drawing lines as precisely as possible right in the resulting powerpoint presentation.

At least I can add to every dimension_value a text rgd. the YOY-change.

Thanks a lot anyway!

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