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Display last 24 months based on a selection

Hello All!

  I am new to QlikView and I am trying to create a chart displaying the Current Quarter and the last 2 years (last 24 months) based on a selection. For example, if the User selected 2017 and 1st Quarter, it will display the current Quarter data and the last 24 months (or 8 quarters).  Below is a mock screen of what I am trying to accomplish. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Below is what I have so far -- but having problem on displaying the last 24 months.

Thank you so much!!!!

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New Contributor III

Re: Display last 24 months based on a selection


Take a look at the attached.  I've used variables to set your backwards looking rolling 24 month range based on the section of MonthYear.  Hopefully you can use this as a guide and modify it to Quarter.

I do see a potential data table issue though.  You have Year and Quarter, but not Quarter-Year as a singular dimension.  Not sure what your use case is re selections, but it might make more sense to create the extra field and only present that dimension for sections.


Esteemed Contributor III

Re: Display last 24 months based on a selection

What is the expression you are trying for Previous Years. May be try this?

= Sum({$< Year = {$(= Max(Year)-2) }  >}Value)

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