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Display problems


I have a barchart comparing costs (the sum of four types of costs) between 2014 and 2015.

The issue is, I would like to also add a line to further illustrate the change we had.

AND I have a second category "type" because in 2015, of course, I have realized costs and a prognosis till December.

Now, when you have a combochart (bars and lines) and two dimensions, you can stack segments across one of the dimensions - but seemingly only as long as there is only one expression. As soon as you add a second expression, stacking does not work anymore.

Of course I can set one expression to be displayed as both a column and a line, but then it doesn't seem to take into account the second dimension - i will attach a screenshot to show you how that looks.

(the type "prognosis" of course only exists in 2015, and only for the months August to December)

Can anyone help me find a way to overcome this limit, if there is any?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: Display problems


Have you tried reference line instead of expression.

May this will help you to get desired results.



Prashant P Baste

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Re: Display problems

Hi Prashant,

no I haven't actually, because afaIk, reference lines are always horizontal.

I need a line going down diagonally, from the top of the 2014_column to the top (incl. the prognosis_segment) of the 2015_column.

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