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Display question in a straight table


I have an app to compare two quite large sets of data.

- There is a sheet (the user starts out on this) with a number of charts that compare the items between the two calculations acc. to
   different dimensions.

- There is a second sheet with a straight table which shows a lot of detail data.
   => The display of the fields in this straight table is dependent (via variables) on which selections have been made on the other sheet
         (acc. to that, the content of some fields might not make sense or be empty anyway)

<=> My problem is: The display of the field is dependent on certain fields being selected - ex.: The volume can only be compared
       between calculations A and B on those items that are present in both. So I have made the display_condition of that field such that it
       is displayed only when the value >both< in a field >item_in< is selected.

<=> There are some comparisons made and displayed in the other charts on sheet1. When the user makes a selection on one of those,
       that implies that the items must be present in both calculations, so only that value is selectable - but since it is not
        actually selected, that
      does not fulfill the display_condition in my straight table and the field does not show up though the user would be led to expect to
       see that.

=> Can I somehow modify the display_condition so that when only one value in a field is selectable, that will also fulfill the
       display_condition for the fields?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: Display question in a straight table

Hi Data,

GetPossibleCount([Field])=1 will give you a condition for when only one is selectable. Might be able to use that within your condition.

Failing that, I'm sure it can be done, if you could knock up an example that would be helpful


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Re: Display question in a straight table

Hi Joe,

no, sorry. I have thought of GetPossibleCount() - but it has to be more specific than that.

On that field >item_in<, there are three values - like "here", "there" and "both".

That field - a comparison - makes sense only for the items in both calculations, so one out of those three possible values has to be selected. That's what the display_condition queries right now.

The issue is, if a selection is made on some comparison, then only the value "both" is selectable at all in that field, so the user would certainly expect to see that field in the detail_table - but as the display_condition is not fulfilled, the field does not show up.

Best regards,


P.S.: Unless (or until) I find some better solution, I will put a textbox with a comment next to the multibox for the selections on that sheet. In the multibox one can see when only one value is selectable as it will be displayed, so the user can easily just click on it in that case.

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