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Division in total row in a chart


I am showing three columns in a chart: Estimated and Real (in minutes), and the third one is Throughtput: Estimated / Real (in %)

When I go to the totals in the chart, the first two columns are totalized correctly (it is the SUM of all rows), but not the third one (it shows the average of the Throughtput column), but not the division between TotalEstimated and TotalReal, which is the value I am looking for.

How can I get the TotalEstimated /TotalReal value in the totals row of the chart?

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Division in total row in a chart


what is your expression for the throughput.

is it sum(Estimated)/sum(Real) ?



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Re: Division in total row in a chart

Yes, it is exactly that way.

I have just added a chart with that exact formula and works fine, calculating the correct value. So the problem is more or less solved now.

But, is it possible to show that value in the totals row?


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Re: Division in total row in a chart

for a straight table ,in expression tab  go to total mode select the expression

and there u can define the totals should be a sum or avg

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Re: Division in total row in a chart

Yes, I thought it was correct that way, but the average of the Throughputs is not equal to the Average Throughput:

Estimated     Real     Throughtput

2                    4          2/4 = 50%

3                    2          3/3 = 66%

5                    6          5/6=83,3%, correct value - but unable to get it in the totals row)

(which is different from (50%+66%)/2 = 58%, this is the average obtained in the totals row)

Anyway I have it in another chart, calculated apart. Thanks.

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