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Document Chaining - Passing a field value


My scenario is, I have two qlikview documents (sal Doc1 and Doc2) deployed in access point.

Both the dashboards(documents) have a similar filed named Account Number. My requirement is, if I select a particular Account Number in Doc1 and press a button, this should open up the Doc2 with the same selection for Account Number.

I read about document chaining in the community, saw a video on this. Now as per my understanding, I need to have a list box in Doc2, having the passed parameter from Doc1. Yes, when I tried like this, its working fine.

_http://onwdqlik01/QvAJAXZf/opendoc.htm?document=Dashboard1.qvw&host=Local&select=ACCNO,170-88767  (here ACCNO is the object id of the listbox having Account Number listed in Doc2)

My quiestion is, is there a way to have a filed selection value included in the URL instead (or along with) the object selection value.

This is after I have seen a post http://community.qlik.com/message/263440#263440 where filed selection values are also seen included in the URL. Can anyone help me with the syntax of doing this.

Suppose, along with the LB object ACCNO selection 170-88767 if i want to include one more field selection as Account Number=170-88767, how would I be framing this URL ?



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Re: Document Chaining - Passing a field value

Let me make my question simple.

Is there a way to achieve document chaining without involving object id..and instead of that, somehow mentioning in the URL, the field to be selected and passing that field value in the URL ?

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