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Double values on data points

When editing some pie charts in my application on our Qlikview server, I checked 'value on data points' to add the % value to each segment. This works perfectly in the application I am developing/editing, however, when accessing the application off the server and in the user environment, the pie charts have two sets of values for each data point/ segment. So it will show as 10.44% 10.44% instead of just once.

Does anyone know what may have caused this?

On a side note- I have some gauges in the same sheet on the application, with a text box that partly overlaps and describes what each gauge shows. When viewing this sheet in the user environment, the gauges are displayed. I have checked the layers but this is not the problem. As with the data points, the sheet looks perfect when in the developing environment.

Any help appreciated.

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Double values on data points

Sorry, the gauges problem is that they are NOT displayed in the user environment.

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Double values on data points

Hi Mr Fox,

Did you ever get this issue resolved?  I'm seeing a similar issue on QlikView 11 IR in QlikView Developer.


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