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Dynamic Update Sintax

I use a Dynamic Update for updating data :

This string works  : UPDATE MovimentiFinanziari SET PrendiNonPrendi = 'S'   WHERE DataMovimentoTXT = 'D2013091';

This string NOT works : UPDATE MovimentiFinanziari SET PrendiNonPrendi = 'S'   WHERE DataMovimentoTXT > 'D2013091';

The difference is the comparison operand of WHERE clause.

It seems that the operator '='  is OK but the operator '>' is not supported

Can anyone help me? ?

2 Replies
MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I doubt it's the > operator. You're trying to compare string values. Possibly > is a not supported operator for strings in dynamic updates.

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Specialist II
Specialist II

It's strange but the > and < operators work in my version, QV11.2 SR3.

I suppose another way might be to reference variables in your dynamic command to only use the = operator, maybe something like ...


UPDATE MovimentiFinanziari SET PrendiNonPrendi = 'S' WHERE SubStringCount(vVar,DataMovimentoTXT)=1;

... and vVar is a distinct, and ordered ascendingly, concatenated list of values split at the relevant point ...

=subfield(concat(distinct DataMovimentoTXT,';',DataMovimentoTXT),vGT,-1)

... and vGT is a variable holding the 'greater than' value.