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Dynamic labels in Google Map integration

Hi All,

I have integrated a google map in my dashboard.

My requirement is to add labels on different regions of the map. This is aprt from the label/description that appears by default on the map.

I need to show customised labels on the map.

To explain in detail, my normal map would be the world map, with regions labeled as





Latin America

If I click on or selects the data points on Latin America, the map would dynamicaly zoom that area, and now the label should show only Latin America. Similarly with each region.

Is there any easy way to achive this?



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Re: Dynamic labels in Google Map integration


If you want you could try out Idevio Maps as an alternative to Google Maps, it has all the features you ask for and much more:

  • Fast map with dynamic zoom and pan.
  • Client side rendering, handles thousands of objects with ease.
  • Plug and play, easy to setup and configure.
  • Local hosting possible, clients with demands can host the map server
  • World coverage, street level for many areas.

IdevioMaps are available to Qlikview 10 and 11 as an extension object.

Online examples are available at QlikMarket and QlikDemos, hosted by QlikView

Kind regards,

Patric Nordström (disclaimer, I work for Idevio).

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Re: Dynamic labels in Google Map integration


Will check that out..

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