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Dynamic visual cue between test and production environments

Users are accidently entering the URL to the test environment via the IE URL autocomplete function if anyone has ever visited the test site on that computer. Is there a way for a Qlik app to dynamically determine if it's the test or production version and show a message or change the background color, something. The goal is to put this into every application so no other code changes are needed when moving from test to production.

So, to get to production a user would simply type "pv" in the URL and it will resolve to the production version of the app but if anyone had ever typed "pv-t" to get to test, that will popup in the autocomplete and be the default.

So, how would one create a visual cue based on what environment that the app is in? In programming environments I'm used to, one could get the source, like "openargs" with MS Access or a webpage can determine the URL of the link clicked to get there, etc.

Sorry I'm just learning Qlik.


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Re: Dynamic visual cue between test and production environments

We also had to do this where I work.  How we did it:

We have a tab that we show/hide based on a variable that is set in the load script, so the tab is automatically shown when it's on our test environment with a message letting the user know where they are.

We use the ComputerName() function in the load script to determine if we are on our test or prod environment.