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Dynamically sort dimensions using button


in my qlikview I'm using variable to dynamically set different dimensions (two usual dimensions and 2 calculated dimensions). These dimensions can be numeric or not. I also have variables for sorting dimensions on X and Y axis. What I want is: if client will pick from a list with different sortings (like 'Name A-Z', 'Name Z-A', 'Value Ascending', 'Value Descending') for example 'Name A-Z', the chart will change accordingly. So I don't have a problem with dimensions, but with sorting them dynamically.

When we used macro for this it worked, but now we don't want to use macro anymore.

Unfortunately, I can't attach the example, and I hope it won't be a problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Dynamically sort dimensions using button

Hello Daria,

It seems that you have the same issue than this topic

Dynamic sort on dynamic dimensions

Hope this will help,