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Excel Export for special and not all users?

Hello together,

i have one question about Excel-Export (ses attachement).

I have 2 Tabs, Tab1 and Tab2. Both of them have one table (Table 1 and Table 2).

Now i want, that an special user only can export the table "Table 2" at Tab2. That means, that other Users should not see the "XL" Button on the Table (Table 2).

I tried to hide the "XL" Button but the other user can see the Export-Function by right-click.

Another thing i tried is to choose "Named Users" in the Managment console. That means, that my other table (Table 1) only could be seen by some users. But Table 1 should be seen from all users.
Has anyone an idea? Thanks for your help!
Best regards,
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Re: Excel Export for special and not all users?


Probably the simplest way to achieve this will be to create two versions of the table and control the visibility using the username in OsUser().

Conditional show for table with export button:

     =Match(OsUser(), 'domain\privelegeduser1' , 'domain\privelegeduser2')

Conditional show for table without export button:

     =Match(OsUser(), 'domain\privelegeduser1' , 'domain\privelegeduser2') = 0

But that will not prevent the users from right-clicking he chart and selecting Send To Excel from the drop down function....

Hope that helps


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