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Exit for in load statement

Hi guys,

I'm loading n xml files into QV and searching for a string (which is in an auxiliary table) in a field from these xml.

The problem is that I need to stop searching for the string when I first find it, which would be something like 'exit for', and jump to the next file. Any ideas?


LET NumRows=NoOfRows('Criteria');

FOR each FILE in filelist (Root&'\*.xml')

FOR i=0 to $(NumRows)-1

LET vTexto=Peek('TEXTO',$(i),'Criteria');

LET vCaract=Peek('CARACT',$(i),'Criteria');




  Trim(Replace(Mid([NFe/infNFe/infAdic/infCpl],Index([NFe/infNFe/infAdic/infCpl],'$(vTexto)'),$(vCaract)),'$(vTexto)','')) as nr_liq,

  Num(replace([NFe/infNFe/total/ICMSTot/vNF],'.',','),'#.##0,##') as vlr_xml0,

  [NFe/infNFe/emit/CNPJ] as CNPJ,

  FileName([FILE]) as nome_arquivo  


FROM [$(FILE)](XmlSimple, Table is [nfeProc])

WHERE Index([NFe/infNFe/infAdic/infCpl],'$(vTexto)')<>0;



    Trim(Replace(Mid([infNFe/infAdic/infCpl],Index([infNFe/infAdic/infCpl],'$(vTexto)'),$(vCaract)),'$(vTexto)','')) as nr_liq,

    Num(replace([infNFe/total/ICMSTot/vNF],'.',','),'#.##0,##') as vlr_xml0,

    [infNFe/emit/CNPJ] as CNPJ,

    FileName([FILE]) as nome_arquivo


FROM [$(FILE)](XmlSimple, Table is [Nfe])

WHERE Index([infNFe/infAdic/infCpl],'$(vTexto)')<>0;

***Exit For would be here*****



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Re: Exit for in load statement

May be this

I see no if then... else... when and how do you know the condition is met? I guess where is the condition?

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Re: Exit for in load statement

Hi Sunny,

The condition is the string I'm searching for (in this case the variable vTexto). I have a list of a bunch of strings and I loop through then: If I find it, it should exit my first for, otherwise, it keeps on duplicating the record since I have similar strings (eg. Num:, Num, num)

Re: Exit for in load statement

I guess that is what I am unable to follow... how do the script know that the first string value has been found?

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Re: Exit for in load statement

Sorry I didnt make myself clear, but that's what I'm having difficulty!

I believe it would be something like EXIT FOR when Len(nr_liq)>0 but it's not working

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Re: Exit for in load statement

The reason for your exit for is not working because "nr_liq" is a Field and

the condition EXIT FOR when Len(nr_liq)>0 will not see the field nr_liq as it is not accessable out side the load statement.

You will have to use Peek function to get a record value



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