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Export Table Viewer


Is there a way to export the table Viewer, that is the view of the relationship between fields ?

It is possible to export Table Boxes or Table Lists to Excel. Is there a similar way to easily export the Table Viewer ?

What i am doing for now is sending to Excel all tables from original document one by one, and loading them back using the Load wizard in script editor. All field are loaded into separate List Tables, and I try to build back the tables as in the original document. But as Table View is very different from Table Viewer of original document, the tables i obtain with right click -> new sheet object are far from the original ones.


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Re: Export Table Viewer

No, the Table Viewer only shows the data model and allows you a limited preview of the data in the tables. You can't use it to export data. You can use STORE commands in the script to export tables. But you can only export to csv or qvd format. Here's a bit of code that will export all tables to qvd files. You can put it at the end of your script:

FOR i = 0 to NoOfTables()-1

          LET vTableName = TableName($(i));

          LET vOutfile = '$(vTableName).qvd';

          STORE [$(vTableName)] INTO [$(vOutfile)] (qvd);


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Re: Export Table Viewer

thanks, this is useful.

but i am working on a document i cannot edit or script.