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Export to excel table if background colors

Good day guys,
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I am needing to create a macro that when the worksheet is exported to excel, cells with values ​​greater than when the previous record is painted in red and when at or below the previous record is in green.

Await some help thanks.

Jonathan Kirschen

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Re: Export to excel table if background colors

Value depended background colors could set in qlikview and could also exported in excel - see chart properties in tab visualization or by attribut formulas.

- Marcus

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Re: Export to excel table if background colors


I need to create a rule that he will check the previous record and coloring them according to whether the value has increased or decreased, and after that export this table and send via email, the routine to export via email already own just that I'm not getting coloring the cell.


Re: Export to excel table if background colors

I would try to solve this in QV with a attribut formula to set the coloring. It is an built-in feature. Solutions with macros are more complicated.

= if(Before(sum(YOURVALUE)) < sum(YOURVALUE), green(),

     if(Before(sum(YOURVALUE)) > sum(YOURVALUE), red(), Yellow()))


I think you can it adjust/extend to your needs.

- Marcus

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