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Exporting or capturing animation from Qlikview

Hi All,

I have created an animation of a bubble diagram on Qlikview, which will be used for a presentation. Is it possible to export the animation as a video clip e.g. AVI? or to PowerPoint?

If that is not possible to be done on Qlikview, would you recommend any software that could capture the animation from Qlikview on screen and save it as a video file?

I would be grateful if you could provide me with some insights into this. Thank you.


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Exporting or capturing animation from Qlikview


I haven't heard of a possibility to export QV - animations to ppt or avi.

For our screencasts we used http://www.utipu.com/tipcam-download/, but there are uncountable options on the web to make a screencast.It supports avi and flv.




Exporting or capturing animation from Qlikview

Hi there,

As far as I am aware there is not a native option in QlikView.  I use a product called Jing that is made by Techsmith. There is a free version of this, but you need to pay a small amount if you need to create .mp4 content.

I have used this to create the QlikView Videos on my web site:


The quality is higher when saved - but YouTube squashes it a bit on upload.

Post back if you need assistance with the settings or anything.



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Exporting or capturing animation from Qlikview

Not 100% sure this is an option but you can integrate a Qlikview object directly into Power Point via the OCX Connector (download from Qlikview.com) - it certainly works for traditional QV usage but whether it can handle animated objects I'm unsure.

You would of course need to be presenting from a machine that could see the Qlikview instance holding the .qvw.

For simplicity I'd recommend following Steve's suggestion.

All the best,

Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd

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