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Expression problem


I have Supply numbers for a company projected over a period of 10 years that I want to manipulate with slider variables on a line graph over those 10 years.

The problem I am encountering is that I can't get the variables to change the numbers over the 10 years, it only changes for the year selected.  So depending on the selected year it will only jump up or down those values and give spikes on the graph at the selected year, I want all the values across the years to go up or down.

The set up has sliders that adjust the value of the variables and based on the default setting (.02 for retirement for example) will add or subract a percentage of the supply number.

Below is the expression that does not work

If(Country = 'Canada',

Sum({<Year=>}[Supply OG])

Sum({<Year=>}[Supply OG]*(63.7*(vRetirement-0.02)))

Sum({<Year=>}[Supply OG]*(2.89*(vUnemployment-0.07)))

Sum({<Year=>}[Supply OG]*(95.73*(vMigration-0.014)))

Sum({<Year=>}[Supply OG]*(vNewEntrants-0.03)),

Sum({<Year=>}[Supply OG]))

I can't upload the actual file and I realize I may not be giving enough backround info so please ask if you need a better description of the scenario

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