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Field selection by action


Working on an iPad designed ipplication, I've a problem that I need the community to helping me solve.

I want to recreate associativity on the calendar using text objets. I put action on light object and I put a conditionnal on the object text with dark color when the field is selected.

Example on the attach file;

When click on "Q1", it select the field "Q1" for "Quarter", then another object with dark color appear (because of the conditionnal on : Quarter='Q1'). but when I click another like "Q2" it unselect "Q1", with is not what I want.

What I would is mainly :

BE ABLE TO SELECT MANY FIELDS (for example, Q1 AND Q2) by clicking on each of them.

Second need (less important) :

Recreate the identification of possible fields.

For example : I would like that when I select "Q1", month Jan, Fev and Mar change color, because it is possible fields.

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Re: Field selection by action

If I undestend you correctly, you need to use actions ToggleSelect in your buttons instead of Select.  That is:
For button Q1 - action ToggleSelect, field Quarter, value Q1

For button Q2 - action ToggleSelect, field Quarter, value Q2

Toggle select does changes selection of one value, without clearing other values.

Second question is leess clear, and the attached application is empty, so i can't guess...



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