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Frequencies and Percentages

Hi all,

I need some help with a pivot table that has frequencies along with associated percentages.

So I used this expression as a dimension in the pivot table for the frequencies:

aggr(count(DiseaseID), BenKey)

Then need to use something like this to calculate the percentages:

count( distinct if(StatusID = 2, BenKey )) / count(distinct total <........> if(StatusID=2,BenKey))

But I need to insert the dimension above in the <...> to get the correct totals per frequency but it doesn't work if you put that expression in.

What can i do??



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Re: Frequencies and Percentages

You can provide sample data first along with the expected output !


Re: Frequencies and Percentages

If you have multiple dimensions in the chart, you have to rather use that dimensions which are just prior to BenKey in <..>

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Re: Frequencies and Percentages

Can you share sample file ?

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