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Frontpage of report shall include a summary of the selection

Hi Guys,

I just created a report with more then one sheets.

The first sheet shall provide on overview of graphs etc. for the selection I make before running the report.

The second page shall be repeated for each "Partner" with individuell graphs for that partner.

I have created an report and selected on the report editor for the first page in the report settings "use current selection". Under datasheet settings i have chosen nothing for creating and repeating the first datasheet. For the second page I tweaked the datasheet settings in that way, that the datasheet is repeated for each partner with the individual graphs.

If I run the report without a selection on my "Partners", everything is fine. I see an overview on the first page and then individual pages for each partner.

if I choose new just a couple of partners, the individual pages are created right and just include individual graphs and pages for each chosen partner.

BUT: The first page includes all partners now (as before) and not just on overview of those partners I have selected.


How to fix it that way, that even the first page is including just the partner values as on overview of the partners I have chosen as a selection?


When I copy the report and leave just the first page of the report (the summary page) in the report, do then a selection and run the report with just the overview, it works as expected and is just showing me the summary for all the selected partners and not for all?

Thanks for any help,

Regards, Mathias

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