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Frozen Chart bug

To start off this bug occurs in all of my applications not just a particular one.

The issue is that whenever I reload an application, occasionally a chart will become frozen in that it no longer changes according to the users inputs.  However, if I delete and undo the delete or make a copy of the chart object it will become reactive again.  Has anyone run into this issue and found a resolution?

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Re: Frozen Chart bug

Never happend to me though. May be due to number of calculated dimensions or heavy expressions.

Did you try to open the document in some other machine. May be RAM issue. Or when you open the application, side by side open the Windows Task Manager to see the memory stats.

Does it happen even if you have done some selections to reduce the data set ?

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Re: Frozen Chart bug

Is this happening in QlikView Desktop? If possible then can you please share a sample qvw (scrambled).

Please check the memory and CPU in your system's task manager to make sure it is not performance hit.

Re: Frozen Chart bug

I would check what the Server tab on the Document Properties page of the QVW file are set to.

Click on the drop down for "Refresh Mode when Document Updated on Server" and select the appropriate action.


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Re: Frozen Chart bug

I'm seeing the same thing.  I've noticed that it is one particular list box that is not updating my main object, however, my selections are being added to my "Current Selections" object.

Any updates or work arounds for this issue?