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Full Accumulation Line with Projection

Hey Qlik-Experts,

I have created a linear chart with Fee for Service and a Target. The Fee for Service and the Target is spread over a weekly period.

The data for the Fee for service is imported every week - however the Target data is all the way until the end of the financial year.

I am trying to be able to project the remaining weeks in the financial year for the Fee for service data by Averaging the last three weeks and then adding that amount for each week until the end of the financial year.

My target is split by 53 weeks - and therefore the total number of weeks will be 53 for the FY.

I cannot seem to find any info on how to do this.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Please see an example of what i am trying to achieve attached.

My Dimensions used is WEEKENDING which is derived from a Datatable.

And my Expressions are - Sum ([TOTAL CHARGES]) - for Fee for Service and  Sum (PLAN) - for the Target.

Any Help with be much appreciated.


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