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Funnel Chart Issue

I am trying to set up a funnel chart with 6 expressions, I have set it to show values on the data points but if I have a values of  1000, 500, 300, 10, 9, and 1, the funnel chart does not want to display my low values at all, or it will goupr them together as "Other" and it will only put the value on the data point for the largest value and not for any other.  Is there something I am doing wrong?  Thanks,

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Funnel Chart Issue

See this discussion, I think there is an explanation


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Re: Funnel Chart Issue

Depending on which verison of QlikView you are using, and whether you are using dimensions within your funnel chart, you probably want to look at the 'Dimension Limits' tab of your chart properties. Try playing around with the 'SHow only largest X values' and 'Show others' options, this may help.

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