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Funnel Chart Question: multiple funnels


Is there a way to either have a funnel chart object show more than one funnel, or to link two or more funnel charts?

Attached is a screen shot of a sheet that I'm developing. The top three funnel charts woudl ideally be one chart, with three results, based on the Fiscal Year.

Likewise, the bottom container with the funnel charts could be the same...

Is there a way to do this?


Sam Stengler

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Re: Funnel Chart Question: multiple funnels


Otherwise, remove borders and captions and place the charts side by side - it will create the illusion.

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Re: Funnel Chart Question: multiple funnels


Thanks for the reply, but it really won't be a very good illusion.

Even setting all of the charts so that the bands have equal segment heights, the obvious disparity of the percentage numbers will be jarring for the user.

The users are coming from having the size of the segments proportional to the data both vertically within the same funnel AND horizontally between funnels.



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