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Gantt Chart Based on Input Boxes

I had a Gantt chart that used a date slider. I have a request to replace the date slider with user input boxes and I am struggling with how to apply these variable dates to the Gantt chart and then to a straight table for details.

The input boxes are date ranges entered by the user. The raw data has a TASK_SCHED_START_DATE and TASK_SCHED_END_DATE. If the dates of the task overlap the date range entered by the user in any way, the data should be displayed both on the Gantt and on the details chart.

For example, the user enters a date range of 9/14/15 (vTaskRangeStart) - 9/21/15 (vTaskRangeEnd).

I would expect to see any task that has a date that falls within that range. This would include examples like:

TaskA, Start 9/10,  End 9/19 (starts before range but ends in the middle of the range)

TaskB, Start 9/15, End 9/27 (starts within range, ends after range)

TaskC, Start 9/11, End 9/27 (starts before range, ends after range)

TaskD, Start 9/14, End 9/20 (starts within range, ends within range)



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