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Gantt problems

Hi, I succesfully implemented a Gantt using bar charts, which came out (IMHO) really awesome, with lots of functionalities

As I have about 500 Gantt's to produce, each with a varying number of activities from 1 to 150 (...), this chart can really save my life but in order to be really able to use it, I have some more problems to resolve which are:

Y axis (the calendar):

It seem I can't decide the scale of the calendar (which depends by the format of the first expression)

What I mean is that I'd like to show "qq/yy" or "mm/yy" conditionally (if the range is >1year or not).

If I work with the number format on the graphic properties, I can apply a MM/YY format, but I can't apply QQ/YY and from the properties I can't do it dinamically: is there any other way?

Report and size of the bars:

As I'll need to produce an automatic report for each project, I'll need to split the Gantt in different pages when there are too many activities (I have up to 150). I also want to preserve the size of the bars (I don't want them to be stretched when there is only one activity). I haven't seen any possibility to split charts like tables when they are too long.

  1. I'm thinking about creating a new field ('Ganttcount') in the load script (but really dunno how) giving a number to each activity that will represent the number of the gantt, and use to that field to cycle the chart within each project. So if I want not more than 15 activities in a gantt and I have a project with 30, the first 15 will have Ganttcount:1 and the second 15 will have Ganttcount:2. Any other suggestion?
  2. I'd like to fix the size of the bars (I'll never have more than 15 activities with the point above, but I'll still can have less than 15...). The only thing I could think about, is a procedure to dinamically create new fake activities during the loading script in order to always have 15 activities per gantt (so in a project with only one activity, I'll create 14 fake invisible activities).... Is this really the only solution???? It sounds so complex..
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Re: Gantt problems

well, I don't know if someone can help me, I've resolved most of my problems but I still can't make the X scale to work properly and I don't really have a clue on how to fix the steps

Immagine gantt.png

As you can see, when the scale is short (<1 year) the grid steps are so short that some labels gets repeated

The labels format comes from the number format of the first expression (which is MM/YY, althought the data itself is dd/mm/yyyy, which is why there are repetitions)

The problem is that the static step function doesn't seem to work despite all my tests:

  • if I put directly a number (any number) the whole axis disappear completely (?!!!)
  • If I try to define the static step with a function, there isn't an effect at all, like when the option is unchecked (which may be because my expressions are wrong of course)

what I'm trying to achieve is something like:

static steps: if(max(enddate)-min(startdate )<365, 30, 90)

and of course I'd also love some precision in the steps (the correct monthend() for each interval).

I've searched the forum and I found similar questions but I wasn't able to find/implement a solution that works here.

Someone has any suggestion please?

many thanks

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