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Gauge Chart Frustration

I have a table containing milestone dates of varying "types" (A, B, C, etc). I am trying to create a set of gauge charts, one for each type, and I'm having difficulty getting the number of milestone dates that have occurred this year up to and including Today to display correctly.

I am creating a separate gauge chart for each type (with one being for the either E or F sum). I am not specifying any dimensions, and am trying to use an expression such as this:

Sum(If([Milestones.MS Abbr]='D',If(Year([Milestones.MS Date])=2012,If([Milestones.MS Date]<=Today(),1,0),0),0))

For some reason, this is not working. What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Gauge Chart Frustration

Hi arnoIse1.

It seems you got the syntax wrong.

The syntax for if-statements in expression dialogs is as follows:

if(condition to be evaluated, then use this expression, else use that expression)

for example:

sum(if(date=2012, CostField2, if(date=2011, CostField1, CostField)

The last CostField is the "else-statement for the second if".

If the year is neither 2012 nor 2011, then it will go into the second if-statement's else statement.

Kind regards

Magnus Åvitsland

BI Consultant

Framsteg Business Intelligence Corp.

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