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Google Maps stopped functioning

Hi ,

Today, I notice that our Google Maps api implementations in Qlikview stopped functioning.

I mean Map image doesnt show up anymore inside the scatter chart. I tried various different gmap keys but no way.

Is there any change done that you' ve known in Google side?

Do we need to change something in GM code?


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Google Maps stopped functioning

I almost posted the same thing and in the same time with you. I have the same problem as you regarding the Google maps not displaying anymore on the scatter chart.

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Google Maps stopped functioning

I had the same issue and found the solution posted here in QlikCommunity (don't remember where though).

- Go into the Chart Properties and select the Colors tab

- In the Frame Background section, edit the Dynamic Image expression

- The last line will have: '&key='&gmap_key & '.jpg'

- Put an & in front of .jpg so it looks like: '&key='&gmap_key & '&.jpg'

Hope this helps.

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AW:Google Maps stopped functioning

Remember that the free use of the Google Maps API in an internal non-browser application is strictly forbidden by the terms of service. http://code.google.com/intl/de/apis/maps/terms.html.

I would highly recommend the use of OpenStreetmaps for that kind of Applications!

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