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Graph not showing all data points


I have a graph that isn't showing all the values. If I enable horizontal scrolling, then the values appear when I scroll horizontally, but I would wish them to all show up without scrolling.

If I check off 'continuous' from the axes tab, then all the values show, however, the scale doesn't show up properly.

Without continuous:


With Continuous:


How do I make all the values show up on the graph?

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Re: Graph not showing all data points

A very late answer but for my own reference or anyone elses...

For QlikView 11 go to Properties

-> Chart Type change to Bar Chart

-> in Presention upper left corner Bar Settings click Show All Bars

-> back to Chart Type change back to Line Chart

Line chart with all values displayed

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Re: Graph not showing all data points

If that works, I'll need to file that tip away. That's an odd fix. Seems "buggy," but if it works, it works.

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Re: Graph not showing all data points

That's why I put it up in an old question. Really useful but "buggy" as you say. The next time I need it I can just review my questions