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Graphical bug - Objects grayed out


We have a graphical problem with one of our application.

When the user changes the tab, objects are greyed out until he click on an object (any).

You can see this on the attached picture.

You may notice that it occurs both with charts and lists.

The greyed out objects change every time.

This is the first time we saw this in an application.

We tried with different QlikView version (both v9, v10, 32, 64 bits) whith the same result.

We developped this application with QlikView 10.

Maybe somebody can help us with that ?

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Graphical bug - Objects grayed out

I can't help, but I've seen it before, or in my case I believe my objects were white.  Fortunately or unfortunately, it has only appeared occasionally for me, so I haven't debugged the cause or really even worried about it.  I think all I had to do was reopen the application, or reboot, or something like that.

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Re: Graphical bug - Objects grayed out

Hi Lucas,

we have the same problem with objects that grayed out!

It's really annoying and we cant find any solution for it. We have about 100 hour used on it but without any result.

I want t o ask you if you have find any solution or not?

Best Regards



Re: Graphical bug - Objects grayed out

Same problem, but didn't able to solve.. have reported to Qliktech regarding this

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Re: Graphical bug - Objects grayed out

Hi,  has anyone ever solved this issue, we are having the same issue and have tried numerous ways to fix including a macro to refresh the document, when this macro runs objects appear but then they will then grey out once it stops running, very frustrating.

please advise