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Growth % calculation

Hi All,

We have a situation wherein weekly performance data is generated for multiple project teams.  The requirement is to calculate the % of improvement based on the weekly data in the graph.  we have below mentioned

A Team02-07-20125
B Team02-07-20126
C Team02-07-20123
A Team09-07-20127
B Team09-07-20129
C Team09-07-20124
A Team16-07-20124
B Team16-07-20125
C Team16-07-20129

For each week, we have to calculate the improvement % based on the data of previous week.  We are able to achieve the same using Pivot table, but need help in achieving the same in Bar graph. 

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Re: Growth % calculation

try this:

=SUM({$<Team={"A Team"}>}Data)/above(SUM({$<Team={"A Team"}>}Data),1)-1

PS Your's pivot expression is wrong. You should use above instead beforeSmiley Wink

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Re: Growth % calculation

thanks for the suggestion

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Re: Growth % calculation


we also have additional table and bar graphs where we have to provide improvements in comparison with the first week of the month and first week of the year.   For example

if the data is like this below

A Team574
B Team695
C Team349

we need to calculate the improvements with 02-07-2012 weeks data as baseline.  We need the result as

A Team40%-29%
B Team50%-33%
C Team33%-25%

can you please let me know how to achieve this.



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