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Handling of missing values (disappear when filter is set)

Dear all,

I created a Pivot table to show gaps (missing values).

Though I know that Qlik has some disadvantages when it comes to the handling of NULL and MISSING values I managed to have the gaps shown as missing by setting the replacement in the chart properties > presentation.



The calculation of the counts seen in green are realised by a simple count(distinct ARTICLES)

However when I am filtering to one of the values (Article Group IDs) in the header like 5,7,8,...) the gaps disappear and I end up with values that do exist but not the gaps (gaps=vehicles that don't have a value for ID 7):


I reckon this is because in the fully shown table (you only see an excerpt and it continues on the right side) are some values existing for this particular vehicle but not for ID 7 and therefore Qlik fills up the other IDs with "missing". Filtering for 7 leads to having only vehicles shown where ID 7 is associated to. That's how far I understand the behaviour.

Is there a way to alter the expression to keep the gaps though filtering for an ID?

Sorry for being not able to provide a file since it is quite huge.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Handling of missing values (disappear when filter is set)

As expression, you can try with :

count ( {<Article Group ID  -= {""}>}   distinct  Articles)

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Re: Handling of missing values (disappear when filter is set)

Hi Jean-Baptiste RENAULT,

Thanks for your reply.

Sadly this has no effect and it acts the sam as before.

Best regards