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Hardcoded object selection


I have a report where you can select data for different Countries (see below).

A new requirement is to create duplicates of the same report, one for each country.

So if you use the report for e.g. FI you should not be able to see or select data for any other country.

The current Country listbox will be removed.

I have tried to use a hidden listbox where a country is selected but I'm not sure if it's the best way to solve this?

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Re: Hardcoded object selection

share the sample app , that will help us to understand better

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Re: Hardcoded object selection

Hi Stefan,

                    Use you existing qvw as a source for a binary load. For your qvw for FI copy the existing qvw and replace the load script with a binary load statement.

Add this simple macro to the new qvw.

sub ReduceData()


end sub

Add an OnOpen trigger with two actions.

1. Select in field Country, Search String FI.

2. RunMacro - ReduceData.

Good luck



Re: Hardcoded object selection


I will use one load script for data for all countries and i prefer not to chang this.

I have used a hidden filter in the report where one country is selected and I think that this will work good enough.