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Help: How to link these table up?

I believe this probably a very easy question to all of you but I don't really know how to do because the output is not what I want.

I have a Sales Table, Customer Table and a Sales Revenue Table. I tried to link these up, looks easy but I couldn't get what I want after.

Anyone can help me a bit?

Many thanks

Please refer to the attached qvw file.

Problem: A dedicated salesperson will look after a customer but another salesperson can do business with other customer as well. In such case, I would like to see how much sales amount of a customer to the company and by whom. I linked up all table and create a pivot table, found that if the sales is not done by the responsible salesperson, the customer's name unable to be shown. How can i solve this? any problem with my tables structure?

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Help: How to link these table up?

Please be more clear with your problem...

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Help: How to link these table up?

try this while loading..

qualify *;

unqualify salespersonid;

Load * from customer;

unqulify *;

load * from sales revenue;

load * from sales;

Hope it will help

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Re: Help: How to link these table up?

Hi lihhlihh!

Do not rename ResponsibleSalesID in the first load statement.

Then you need to add a fourth load statement (to get the names for the ResponsibleSales persons, like this:

LOAD SalesPersonID As ResponsibleSalesID,

     SalesPersonName As ResponsibleSalesPersonName


(biff, embedded labels, table is Salesperson$);


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