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Help - Specific line chart needed

Hi All,

I have a line chart dimensioned by

     - Time (Dates formated like 'MMM - YYYY'),

     - and a calculated dimension (3 categories based on price evolution)

          =If(aggr(avg(Price_Evolution), Part_Code)> dblPriceEvolBorne_Up, 'UP',

          If(aggr(avg(Price_Evolution), Part_Code)< dblPriceEvolBorne_Down, 'DOWN', 'STABLE'))

I want to compute a Quantity Index based on a spedific date.

So the chart will display 3 curves (related to the calculated dimension). Each curve will be equal to 100 at the specific date.

The expression I tried is the following :

          =   Sum(Gross_Quantities) /

          Sum({$ <Year_Months={'$(=Min(Implementation_Dates))'}>}


The issue is that this limit the dimension of the chart to the date specify (only the Min(Implementation_Dates) appears with 3 points).

Please could you help me on this?

Many thanks in advance

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Re: Help - Specific line chart needed

Hi all,

I have no comment on the issue I faced. I post righ now some more elements that could help you  understand the issue and what I expect.

You will find join to this message a picture  of the chart I expect (made in Excel).

Also there is an qvw file with a sample data that could helpp you understand the issue I face.


Thanks in advance for your help

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Re: Help - Specific line chart needed

Please I need help on it. Is there somebody who could help ?

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