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Help box for QV app users


I've got a question about Help text option under Caption tab of QV app object.

As I understand so far I can add the help text only for whole object in my QV app. But is it possible to add help text to each of the columns or create something like a Help table box. For example:

-I've got object in my QV app like this:

  Chart Object (Client Trades)   


-And I want to build something like this for QV app users:

Chart Object with help information for QV app users

QV app Object NameObject Field/Column/Expression NameHelp Text
Chart Object (Client Trades)ChartField1This is uniqe Client ID
Chart Object (Client Trades)ChartField2This is Client Full Name
Chart Object (Client Trades)ChartExpression1This is Client profit
Chart Object (Client Trades)ChartExpression2Does client have a Active account?

With Help text option under Caption tab of object properties is not enough for me, because I've got lots of objects with big amount of columns/expressions. So that is why it is very important to provide users with proper help guide where  user will be able to information about the column very quickly and easyly. Any idea will be helpful for me.

Thank you in advance.


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Help box for QV app users

This is a work around not a perfect solution but it should do as you require:

For each column create a small Text Object (I use with a 'Help' style Question mark as the image) and then simply position it in the header of the column and enter the help text you require in it's Object Help box under the Caption tab.

This gives you total flexibility. To ensure they always stay visible set the chart to be the bottom layer and the help boxes to be the top layer.

Hope that helps,

Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd


Help box for QV app users

Hi Matt,

Thank you! Very good idea.


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