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Help needed with previous year sales


    I need to show previous year sales adjacent to the column of current year sales.I have a pivot chart and the dimensions are customer group, cust. country and customer..secondary dimensions on the top are year,quarter and month.My expression value for current year sales is sum(sales).Now to get previous year sales under current year I am using the expression:

aggr(above(sum({<year=,quarter=,month=>} sales)), cust. group, cust. country, customer), month, quarter, year)

the expression gives me the correct values but my data is big and i have more than ten event type. The chart works only if i lock the event type sales invoice, if i unlock and clear event types then the chart takes ages to compute.So my question is , in the above expression where should i specify [event type] and how so that the computation is fast. I tried a few options with 'Total' qualifier and specifying event type = sales invoice in set anlaysis but no luck.Any help please?

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